Digital Infantometer


The HM80D Digital Infant Height Meter quickly and accurately measures infants lying on tabletops, and can also be attached to a Charder baby scale. The calipers safely adjust to the length of the infant, while results are recorded and displayed on the digital display, with an integrated hold function.

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Product Specifications
Measuring range 35-80cm (13.8-31.5in)
Graduation 1mm (1/16in)
Dimensions Overall: 870(L) x 290(D) x 70(W) mm
Rod: 20 mm
Weight 0.6 kg
Power supply

AAA battery

Data transmission N/A
Product Description
  • Compatible with Charder baby scales
  • Digital display with hold function for improved accuracy
  • Easy-to-use sliding caliper design
  • Paddle calipers on both ends safe for infant use
  • Can be used on work bench independently
Compatible Devices MS5900, MS3500, MS2400, MS21NEOV, MS4200, MS4201, MS4211