Medical column scale


Its waist level column, wide LCD display, die-casting tread platform with anti-slip mat and precise weighing results make it a perfect weighing medical scale for congested clinics. Diagnosis of obesity is also easy with the integrated BMI (Body Mass Index) function. Height data can easily be taken by digital height rod and transmit to MS4971 digital medical scales for BMI function use. Body Surface Area (BSA) function is commonly used in medical, particularly to calculate doses of chemotherapeutic agents and index cardiac output.

  • ce0434
  • ce-m
  • OIML
Product Specifications
Capacity 300 kg
Graduation 0.01 kg
Measuring unit Kg
Dimensions platform: 310 x 310 mm
Power supply aa 6x AAA battery & adaptor
Data transmission USB port
Display type LCD with large 1.4 inch display
Product Description
  • Integrated BSA and BMI function
  • Sturdy metal platform
  • Low battery consumption
  • Non-skid platform surface
  • Measures in kilograms only as it is certified with metrological approved
  • Column mounted display and controls
  • Able to output data to PC