Wheelchair / Heavy Duty Scale - MS3830


MS3830- wheelchair scale has a high load capacity and can easily be transported on its high quality rolling castors. With its large, extremely flat and non-slip platform, patients can be weighed sitting in a wheelchair. MS3830 wheelchair scale is designed especially for people needing assistance while being weighed and works in a variety of applications including veterinary scale

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Product Specifications
Capacity 300 kg
Graduation 100 g
Dimensions Overall: 1150(L) x 800(W) x 66(H) mm
Weighing area: 900(L) x 740(W) mm
Weight 34.5 kg
Power supply

batter      adaptor   RCC

             AA battery   Adaptor   Rechargeable battery pack

Functions On/Off, Zero, Print, BMI, Hold, Pre-Tare, Tare , Clear, Enter, 0~9 , M1-5 sets of pre-tare memories
Data transmission  
Indicator DP3710
Design feature  
Product Description
  • Tare key for taring subject weight
  • Hold key for locking patient's weight
  • BMI function 
  • TP2100/TP2110 (wireless) thermo printer compatible - print out all necessary information with one pressing.
  • Handle and wheels for easy carrying.
  • RS232 data transmit to PC
  • Optional TP2100 thermo printer and TP2110 wireless printer 
  • SM2711 indicator stand
  • M1~M5 memory function for storing 5 sets of pre-tare weight
  • Adjustable rubber feet to adjust balance 
  • Bubble level for level adjustment
  • Low profile platform
  • Ergonomical handrail supports for geriatric and bariatric patients
  • Remote indicator with preset-tare, unit conversion and semi-auto tare
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