Bed Weighing Scale - MS6000


The Charder MS 6000 electronic bed and dialysis scale enables the simple, gentle and precise weighing of bedridden patients and is an indispensable part of dialysis and intensive care. Easy to carry and light weighing beams are placed simply and effortlessly under the castors of the bed. The previously determined weight of the bed is tared and the patient’s exact weight accurately determined. Additionally, the Charder MS 6000 bed scale can be left under the patients’ bed for closely monitoring the weight change of a patient.

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  • ce-usb
Product Specifications
Capacity 500 kg
Graduation 200 g

Overall: 1160(W) x 340(D) x 71(H) mm
Weighing Area: 880(W) x 120(D) x 60(H) mm


Total weight: 27.2kg
Single beam: 13.6kg

Power supply

batter      adaptor   RCC

             AA battery   Adaptor   Rechargeable battery pack

Functions On/Off, Zero, Print, BMI, Hold, Pre-Tare, Tare , Clear, Enter, 0~9 , M1-5 sets of pre-tare memories
Data transmission  
Indicator DP3710
Design feature  
Product Description
  • Auto off for power saving
  • Weight tracking for better management
  • 10 sets of pre-tare bed weight memories.
  • Hold key to lock moving patient's weight
  • Tare key to tare subject weight on the bed
  • TP2100/TP2110 (wireless) thermo printer compatible - print out all necessary information with one pressing.
  • Weight detecting alarm
  • Castor wheels for easy moving
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Ultra low profile and foldable ramp
  • Dual LCD displays weight and more information.
  • Bubble level for level checking
  • Wireless data transmission improves efficiency.
  • Precise measuring weight of patient in bed
  • Warning Beeper inform of weight changes in bed