Hallmark of Charder Medical

User comfort when weighing and its effective data management is the hallmark of “Much More than Weighing”. Despite a lack of deliberate publicity, Charder crafted 25,000 medical scales every year to support quality-conscious distributors and health enthusiasts all over the world. At Charder, precision and quality are basics. The satisfaction of patients and users, and the trust of distributors distinguish us.


Essence of Charder Medical

Charder Medical is a company of passion that strives to utilize technology to deliver respect for life through hygienic medical weighing devices. The symbol of Charder Medical is comprised of a three-color wheel and burgundy characters.

The moving wheel characterizes the far-sighted attitude and advancing technology of Charder Medical.

  • The sapphire blue symbolizes hygiene and technology.
  • The deep blue symbolizes integrity.
  • The emerald green symbolizes life.
  • The garnet red characters reveal the passion of the company to satisfy the needs of patients through our devices and services.