Charder's MS 6001 - A preferred means of gathering weight data of non-ambulatory

Patients up to 500kg. (Capacity: 500kg, Division: 100g)
Just plain ready to go:
The Charder MS 6001 electronic bed and dialysis scale enables the simple, gentle and precise weighing of bedridden patients and is an indispensable part of dialysis and intensive care. Easy to carry and light weight weighing beams are placed simply and effortlessly under the castors of the bed. The previously determined weight of the bed is tared and the patient’s exact weight accurately determined. Additionally, the Charder MS 6001 bed scale can be left under the patients bed for closely monitoring the weight change of a patient.

There is scarcely any situation in which a patient's weight is not important. In many cases, determining weight and any unexpected change to it can save lives, which is why medical specialists in intensive care, in dialysis or treating burnsrely on Charder bed and dialysis scales. Its reliable Weight Monitoring function means, for example, that invisible losses of fluid or high turnover of fluid are noticed in good time to enable the necessary assistance to be requested immediately by an acoustic alarm. The accuracy of the Charder bed and dialysis scales makes it an indispensable partner in intensive care medicine.

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