MA601 Multi-measurement Analyzer


Charder has been committed to the research of BIA method for many years, applying the latest artificial neural network algorithm on bioelectrical impedance analysis to assess the body composition. Our researchabout BIA method was founded 15 years ago. After years of technical improvements, Charder unique muscle analysis method can precisely measure segmental muscles of human body. We have invested in relevant research and cooperated with many colleges and universities and research institutes and have rich clinical experiment results.Our MA-BIA measurement has been clinically proven, the accuracy and repetitiveness have a positive correlation coefficient of 95% with DEXA.

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Product Specifications
Measurement method Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Electrodes Eight electrodes
Frequencies Three frequencies
Frequency range 5 kHz , 50 kHz , 250 kHz
Display 800 x 480 pixels , 7 inch Wide color LCD
Capacity 300 kg
Graduation 0.1 kg
Applicable age 6 ~ 85 years old
Input device Touch screen, Key pad
Output device USB host x 2
Transmission device WiFi x 1 , RJ45 Ethernet x 1 , Bluetooth x 1(optional)
Dimensions 580 (L) x 450 (W) x 1025 (H) mm
Weight about 12 kg
Measuring time less than 60 secs
Product Description
  • Multi-frequency measurement
  • First standing position BIA research model in the world
  • Unique Muscle analysis method in segmental body analysis
  • Use bioelectric impedance vector analysis (BIVA) to estimate prognostic information about mortality
  • Muscle quality analysis
  • Precise body type analysis
  • Phase angle and health determinants
  • High correlation with DEXA up to 95%
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