Baby Scale - MS5900


The gentle curvature of MS 5900 infant digital scale cuddles babies as in mother’s arms and MS 5900 is our way of honoring parent’s love for their new born. Do not just weigh, indulge and weigh the baby with your enduring love. MS 5900 infant weighing machine accuracy is as sharp as tip of a pin; track even a slight change in weight of baby.

  • ce0434
  • ce-m
  • ce-oiml
  • ce-wifi
  • ce-usb
Product Specifications
Capacity 15 kg 15 kg
Graduation 5 g 2 g < 6kg > 5 g
Dimensions Overall: 670(L) x 330(W) x 125(H) mm
Weighing area: 630(W) x 250(D) x 70(H)
Weight 4.1 kg
Power supply

batter      adaptor

AA battery   Adaptor 

Functions On, OFF, →0←, Tare, Hold, Memory
Data transmission   


1.0” LCD display with 5 digits

Design feature Adj
Optional HM80D   HM80M  
Product Description
  • Auto Zero Tracking.
  • Large 1.0 inch LCD display.
  • Ergonomic contour tray as like mother's arm.
  • Large platform.
  • High precision loadcell.
  • Memory function to recall last weight.
  • Hold function to lock weight of moving infant.
  • Tare function to tare the weight of diaper and get net weight of baby.
  • Power saving AUTO-OFF function.
  • Bubble level indication.
  • Four adjustable rubber feet to adjust balance of scale.
  • Die-casting metal internal platform design.
  • Anti-tilt design to prevent infant fall from tray.
  • Reliable performance.
  • BMI function included.
Infant Digital Scale Infant Weighing Machine
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