Baby & Mommy Scale


Weight plays a vital role before, during and after pregnancy. How much weight you should gain during pregnancy depends on whether you were underweight, at a normal weight, overweight, or obese before you got pregnant (and whether you’re carrying twins). Mother’s weight during pregnancy directly effects infant’s weight.
Therefore the weight before and during pregnancy and separate weight of mother and infant should be tracked carefully and accurately.

We “Charder” understand the nerves and needs of medical Industry and develop our products so they fit the task of Human Care.

Baby Mommy Scale- As the name suggests a weighing scale which tracks the weight of both: Pregnant mother (Before during and after Pregnancy) and Infant with sharp accuracy.

  • ce0434
Product Specifications
Capacity 150 kg
Graduation 10g< 20kg >100g

Overall: 560(L) x 325(W) x 145(H) mm
Tray only: 560(L) x 290(W) x 120(H) mm
Base platform : 310(D) x 290(W)x 50(H) mm
Weighing area: 560 x 240 x 65mm

Weight 4.3 kg with tray
Power supply

batter      adaptor

AA battery   Adaptor


On/Off – Adult or Baby mode
Hold, BMI function, Tare

Data transmission -

Embedded LCD
Dual visual direction
1.0" LCD display with 5 active digits

Design feature Adj
Optional HM80D   HM80M  


Product Description
  • Ideal for woman of being pregnant
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • Large 1.0 inch LCD display makes reading comfortable.
  • Removable baby tray for easy to clean plastic and ergonomic forms.
  • Reliable platform design
  • High precision load cell provides reliable performance.
  • Easy to operate 3 functional keys.
  • Hold function to lock weight of moving infant
  • Tare function to tare the weight of subject and get net weight of baby and adult
  • Power saving AUTO-OFF function
  • Unit kg or lb selectable.
  • BMI function available when adult mode turned on.
  • Bubble level indication.
  • Four adjustable rubber feet to adjust balance of scale.
  • Die-casting metal internal platform design.
  • Removable tray for multiple purposes.